Apple CEO Tim Cook on Career Planning

Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses the 25 year plan he developed while a student at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and why you should veer away from su…
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Recipe: subscribe: How To Cook That Channel: Hi I am Ann, How to Cook That is a creative cake,…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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31 Responses to Apple CEO Tim Cook on Career Planning

  1. ashvin bush says:

    and finally he comes out with……… IPHONE 5C…… oh steve jobs apple
    is dust without you

  2. Empowered Mastery says:

    Apple CEO Tim Cook on Career Planning:

  3. Empowered Mastery says:

    Apple CEO Tim Cook on Career Planning:

  4. 28TheGreat says:

    Stay with the north star and find your journey.

  5. TJGUNC80 says:

    I agree with the likely futility of a 25 year plan. Too much change happens
    in the world ad in your life to see that far forward (Apple barely existed
    when Mr Cook was in MBA school). However, there is definitely value in a
    shorter term plan. As for the long term, having ethical standards, a sense
    of what you are capable of, a willingness to stretch beyond what you think
    you are capable of, and a willingness to adapt is really all you can do.
    Yes, be prepared to take advantage of good fortune.

  6. wshyangify says:

    Has Tim Cook found God?

  7. liaa bautista says:


  8. Hee Seo Kim says:

    A perkynana

  9. cheezluvinmofo doe says:

    can people with ciliac disease eat cherries?

  10. prettylovespinky msp says:

    I think for Easter eggs that have fudge inside and coated with white

  11. Peyton Bloom says:

    I cannot get the candy mentioned and I don’t know what they look like.
    Therefore I don’t know a similar texture

  12. Olivia Graham says:

    I <3 banana but i cant get them where i live

  13. Kelly Jansema says:

    American here and not sure what a “Jafer” is. Pardon the spelling.

  14. reena jain says:

    Can you please please show a egg free sponge cake..

  15. lelliekiss says:

    in UK we have foam bananas (usually in Pick ‘n’ Mix sweet section) but I
    don’t think we have musk sticks.

  16. KAIA kennedy says:

    what are them reds thinks I’ve never seen them before

  17. Lacreeshia Bailey says:

    I was wondering for this cake pan ( if I could fill it with cheesecake instead of all that icing.

  18. Nadine Pertsch says:


  19. Shreya Rangan says:

    I know this in probably the only request for one,but could u pls make an
    iPad mini cake

  20. MaddiesBeauty21 says:

    Heyy! I’m 15 years old from WA Australia and was diagnosed with coeliac
    disease around a year ago!
    Thankyou so much Ann for making this video! I love watching videos that i
    know can be gluten free! 

  21. Cherokee Miller says:

    Awwwwwwwww They Loved It!!!!!!! Awwww thanx 4 sharing the end part!!!!!!!
    Lovely!!!!!!!! Thanx Again Ann!!!!!! Having a GREAT Time watching your
    Vids!!!!!! ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  22. Sara HeadXx says:

    We can get those kind of lollies to cool

  23. mental1uk says:

    Where did the Jaffas come from?

  24. ESTER AKOPYAN says:


  25. holly reno says:

    Musk sticks im English never heard of them ??

  26. 袖山 s says:

    I like the work that she makes.

  27. Svetlana Malinina says:

    amazing idea

  28. Lauren Taylor says:

    No clue what a musk stick is? Is it like a banana runt?

  29. Taylor Susan says:

    I have them in use

  30. Factus112 says:

    I don’t have those candies. I’m just in the U.S. I have never heard of

  31. MaryjaMery says:

    You are so creative Ann. :-) I like it! ♥

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