Video Game Cookbook | Minecraft PIZZA!

What video game do you want next? Did you enjoy this video? How disgusting is that pizza!? Leave all of your thoughts below! I love to see subscriber interac…

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16 Responses to Video Game Cookbook | Minecraft PIZZA!

  1. Matt Jones says:

    minecraft IS VERY STUPID

  2. Ali A says:


  3. Nattt says:


  4. Anthony Rios says:


  5. Rexx50241 says:

    Don’t eat dirt

  6. thegamers cast says:

    I eat it 

  7. mark harms says:

    u shoud be on funnest home video

  8. Maximus Gonzalez says:

    Didn’t tast good with chocolate

  9. Josh Mayne says:

    Oh my god

  10. SoapHead11 says:

    FIFA 14 salad

  11. Bryan Chay says:

    I here voices at 3:33.

  12. Operation115 says:

    How do these not have more views.. you should try to make stuff that
    actually is good to eat haha that’d be wicked

  13. Andres Garza says:

    COD 4 pie or salad, something cod 4

  14. Xpertgamer989 says:


  15. Axel Hugo Laudon says:

    Dirt god this is mad

  16. Junior Martinez says:

    I did that too its gross

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